Following Tours

For our next tours every biker is invited, who wants to discover this part of the world. Our aim is Torockó again with it's surroundings and/or Biharfured (Stana de Vale-Bihar Mountains).

Plan in a nutshell:

If you come with plane:

From Ferihegy Airport (Budapest, Hungary) to Nagyvárad (Oradea) with car/bus.

Accomodation: Hotel Park **

Day 1.

Nagyvárad - Köröstárkány village: 71 km

Sights: King Béla's fortress, valley of the river Fekete (Black) Körös.

Acc.: local houses or tents

Day 2.-

Köröstárkány - Vartop pass (1160m), Arieseni camp: 61 km

Entering the West Carpathians and the Bihar Mountains National Park.

Acc.: Camping (camp of tents)

Day 3.

Arieseni - Verespatak (Rosia Montana): 55 km

Entering the valley of the Aranyos river and touching Verespatak which is dated back to the roman times. Under the settlement lies Europe's greatest precious metal reserve! (Further informations:

Acc.: Camping

Day 4.

From Verespatak down to Szolcsva brook (sinkhole) and Torockó (Rimetea): 87 km

Acc.: 'Tóbiás house' in the heart of Torockó

Day 5.

Torockó sightseeing. Relax.

Day 6.

Climbing Székelykő Rock (1100m).

Day 7

Visiting the castle of Torockószentgyörgy and the ancient mines of Torockó. CC & DH!

Day 8.

Torockó - Torda gorge: 24+24 km

Visiting the Torda mountain gorge.

Day 9.

Torockó - Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca): 58 km

Visiting Kolozsvár, the birthplace of King Matthias. Sightseeing.

Acc.: Hotel

Day 10.

Kolozsvár - Gyalu (Gilau castle) - Sebesvár castle, Csucsa palace (entering Kalotaszeg region) - foot of King Pass: 83km

Acc.: Camp of tents beside the Pass and the Sebes Körös river

Day 11.

King Pass - Nagyvárad: 69 km

Day 12.

Travelling home

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