Bike Tour 2001

Greetings from Transylvania -

Reflections About the Tour

Axel Keller

Cratoni Helmets, Export

Hey Attila,

Great stuff. I really enjoyed reading the article and I would like to come down there once making my own experience by touring around. From Germany it looks like it's in another world .... Well - go on with this kind of reports, guided by your Cratoni. We all wish you happy trails and sun in the spokes.

14 Jan 2002

Emi & Steve SEAL

Around The World By Bicycle

Hello Attila, Thank you for making the web page including our story (, Please feel free to use our web page for any article. It's great to see you are able to contribute to Dirt Rag. It is surely is a plus to get information and experience from someone local to such a beautiful place as Northern Romania. More people should know. I was wondering how you found us? Keep up the good work. With your reports you can be a good ambassador for your country.

8 May 2002


Phil Wood & Co.

Very nicely done! I'm thinking about calling the airlines.

8 Jan 2002

Phil Braun

Christini Bicycles, Sales and Marketing

I enjoyed your article and it sounds like you and Lorant could have used the All Wheel Drive for some of those climbs!

Günther Gelber

Merida & Centurion Germany GmbH

As I am from Romania, too, from Lugoj, I know that there are no vamps in Transylvania... You are living in one of the most beautiful places on earth-really! I checked out your site, it's very interesting! We love to see that people from the most hidden places in the world know our products.

22 Apr 2002

Jessica Stein

The Boss, Spot Brand Components

Dear Attila We thought your article was very interesting and we really enjoyed reading about the history of the places you rode through. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We look forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

14 Jan 2002

Dinh Commencal

Commencal bicycles, Andorra

Nice report on the Dirt rag mag web site. If you like mountains, you will like Andorra too.

26 Mar 2002

Robbie Powell

Schwinn South Africa

Thanks for the note, I had a look at the website, looks really cool. I am really interested in your trip.

19 Feb 2002

Jeffrey D. Guerrero, Art Director

Dirt Rag MTB Magazine

I got your post card from Torocko today, thanks! Those mountains look gigantic! I have never been to the western US, so I've never seen "rocky" mountains. Here in Pennsylvania, we have mountains but they are so old they have been worn downand are rounded and covered with trees.

30 Aug 2001

András Laczkó, Editor

Bike Mag, Hungary

Kedves Attila! Örömmel olvastam írásodat, és örültem azoknak a linkekenek is melyeket a dirtragmag alján találtam. Az írás annál is inkább megfogott, mivel sikerült az évezred utolsó délutánját (szerintem ez 1999. dec. 31.) a Székelykon és Torockón töltenem, valószínuleg nem lesz ennél emlékezetesebb szilveszterem.

15 Jan 2002

David Bohm

Bohemian Bicycles

I'm pretty excited, you are my furthest inquiry yet. Only on the internet could I get a question from Transylvania. My grandfather was hungarian :-)

15 Mar 2000

Bob Freeman
Davidson Cycles

Congratulations on your article in Dirt Rag. It sound like a fascinating place to visit.

9 May 2002

Graham Hall

Cape Cycles, South Africa

I have met some very fine and interesting Romanian cycle distributors on my travels. Your country has some very fine history, and it sounds like a beautiful place. Sure, we all have our problems back home. I don't think your country is any different !!

10 Jul 2001

Robert Dudás

Titan Legend Bikes


Thanks for your story on the Dirt Rag website. My name is Robert Dudas and I am a 34 year old American born to Hungarian parents. I speak Hungarian, but never learned to read and write it well. We have been to Hungary on many occasions and have rented a home for a month near Lake Balaton. My mother grew up near Budapest, then moved to Germany. My wife and I lived in Germany last year and I had the chance to do some biking in Bavaria and in Czechoslovakia. Now we live in Baltimore, Maryland and there is some good biking on the east coast of the U.S.. I sense the pride that you have for your country and your historical comments were interesting. I wish you great biking and if you are ever to visit the states I would be happy to assist.

15 Mar 2002

Rich Baldinger, Carson City NV

Member of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA)

Thanks for a wonderful article. I wish I knew how to write your langugage half as well as you write English.

I live near Lake Tahoe in California (USA). Some of the best rides in the world, so they say, are to be found here. I would love to be your guide if you can visit here some day.

"Long live long rides!--(slogan of my club, IMBA, or International Mountain Biking Association)

13 Dec 2001

Michael Sabin, Customer Service Coordinator

Maxxis Bicycle Division

Attila........Thanks for your message, that is a very nice article. Good luck in your future endeavors........

11 Jan 2002

Gale Dahlager

Razor Rock Racing

Your article is great! Thanks for sharing it. Thanks.

11 Jan 2002

D. Mark Gronewald

Wildfire Designs Bicycles, Alaska

Hey I had time to read your article. Very good. Sounds like Transylvania is a great place to bike. I have always been fascinated with that part of the world and hope some day to go there. It's good to know there is good biking.

29 Apr 2002

Judit Szito, Perth, Western Australia

New Zeeland MBA 2002 National Championships, Senior Women #1

I read your article on the Dirt Rag web page and thought I might drop you a line. My name is Judit and I am originally Hungarian but I have been living in Australia since I was 6. And I have been mountain biking for quite a few years now. I read your article about mountain biking in the Hungary region and knew had to write just to say hello!

26 Mar 2002

Tina Marie

Nuke Proof Bike Parts

It sounds beautiful over there. The one thing we have in common for sure is the love for biking.

23 Feb 2000

American Classic/Bill Shook Designs, Inc.

We saw your article in Dirt Rag! It was cool.

6 May 2002

Ranna McCauley, Director of Sales

Wheelsmith Fabrications, Inc.

Attila: Thank you for a glimpse into history! I enjoyed your article.

J. Fazio

Selected Links to Bicycling

Dear Attila,

Thanks for the links. I read your article. Is is very informative. Other English readers should consider bicycling in Transylvania. Your article will help many bicyclists to overcome the vampire legend. :-) I linked your article on our Hungary page for more people to read.

16 May 2002